Probate Lawyers

In addition to estate planning advice, Angstman Johnson provides efficient and timely probate administration services.

Angstman Johnson probate lawyers are experienced in court proceedings that establish the validity of your will upon your death or your right to inherit under a will or an intestate estate. We are committed to helping ensure that the administration of every client’s estate is carried out with the utmost respect of their wishes and we are committed to protecting the continued well-being of our client’s loved ones.

For those who are heirs to an estate, our firm will assist you in protecting your claim to your family member’s holdings and to protect your interests while the probate proceedings are taking place. Our attorneys are experienced in will contests, trust litigation, and personal representative litigation.

For more information, please contact a wills, trust or probate lawyer at Angstman Johnson. Our firm’s assistance in the planning and protection of your assets can leave you worry-free and provide for your loved ones or charities. To learn more about wills, trusts and probate in Idaho, click on the links below.

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